Maine Mendoza: The Most Influential Social Media Personality

Maine Mendoza: The Most Influential Social Media Personality

Maine Mendoza, the Filipina sweetheart and social media sensation, has been crowned the Most Influential Social Media Personality at the 2019 Star Influencer Awards, setting off a wave of support from fans and friends alike. From her humble beginnings as an overnight celebrity on the noontime show Eat Bulaga, she has grown into an incomparable force in the Philippine media industry and has gone on to achieve great success on her own terms.

Maine Mendoza and Her Rise to Fame

Just four years ago, Maine Mendoza was an unknown student at De La Salle University when she first made her television debut on a segment of the noontime show Eat Bulaga. Little did she know, her wit and charm had made an immediate impact on fans and her career would skyrocket soon afterwards.

In just a few months, Maine was headlining the show and had become a household name across the Philippines. Overnight, she had become a popular figure in the Philippine entertainment industry and social media. She was later dubbed the “phenomenal star” for her inspiring journey and impact on pop culture.

Maine's Achievements and Record Breaking Achievements

Since her rise to fame, Maine has made quite a few accomplishments. On Instagram, she has the most number of followers of any Filipino celebrity; she has released two bestselling books; she was the first Filipino to have a wax figure at Madame Tussauds; she has been the brand ambassador for a number of prestigious companies; and she has her own clothing line.

In addition to these achievements, Maine recently broke her own Guinness World Record for the most number of retweets on a single post, with an impressive 2.3 million retweets! To this day, she remains the only Filipino celebrity to achieve this record.

Maine Mendoza Wins Most Influential Social Media Personality

This week, at the 2019 Star Influencer Awards, Maine Mendoza was crowned Most Influential Social Media Personality. This award recognizes people who have had the most impact in their respective field and have used their social media to spread positive messages and inspire others.

Maine was absolutely thrilled with her win, joking that it was a “surprise attack”. She was moved to tears by the support of her fans and co-workers, and thanked them for sticking with her through the years.

Maine has come a long way since her debut on Eat Bulaga and her fans could not be happier to see her continue to reach new heights. She is an inspiration to many and shows that hard work, humility and kindness still go a long way.

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