How Players Can Increase Wins at Blackjack in Bingo Plus

How Players Can Increase Wins at Blackjack in Bingo Plus

The game of Blackjack is one of the most popular games in the world and it's no surprise that the game is so popular at Bingo Plus Online Casino in the Philippines. With its unique combination of luck and skill, Blackjack can be one of the most rewarding casino games for players of any skill level. Blackjack is an exciting game with a low house edge, making it an ideal choice for experienced or novice players. For players who want to up their chances of winning, there are many strategies and resources available at Bingo Plus. In this blog, we'll go through some of the top strategies and tools for increasing your edge at Blackjack in the Philippines.

Counting Cards

One of the most popular strategies for increasing your odds of winning at Blackjack is card counting. Card counting is a technique that tracks which cards have been dealt and which ones remain in the deck. By doing so, a card counter can track which cards are more likely to be dealt and adjust their betting accordingly.

Card counting can be a difficult technique to master, but it can be a very effective tool for Blackjack players. To get started, try investing in a card counting system such as the Hi-Lo system, developed by an MIT professor named Edward Thorp.

Adopting a Strategy Chart

Another tool that can be used to increase your chances of success at Blackjack is a strategy chart. A strategy chart is a printed chart that provides advice on how to play each hand in Blackjack. Depending on your hand and the dealer's up-card, the chart will tell you how best to play it: whether to hit, stand, split, double down, or surrender.

Using a strategy chart is an easy way to increase your chances of winning. However, it is important to remember that the chart should only be used as a guideline - ultimately, your decision should be based on your own knowledge of the game and the situation.

Use Online Resources

One of the best ways to improve your game is to take advantage of online resources. There are a number of websites, such as, that offer detailed strategies and advice for all levels of Blackjack players. Online tutorials and videos can be a great way to learn more about the game and to practice your skills.

It's also a good idea to stay up to date on the latest Blackjack news. Reading industry publications such as Blackjack Insider or Blackjack Today can help you stay on top of industry trends and developments.

Learn from the Pros

Finally, one of the best ways to improve your game is by learning from the pros. Professional Blackjack players such as Arnold Snyder, Stanford Wong, and Peter Griffin have written extensively on the game and offer valuable insight into how to play better. Reading their books can help you gain a better understanding of the game and its strategies.


Blackjack is a game of skill and luck, but with the right strategies and resources, you can increase your chances of winning. With a combination of card counting systems, strategy charts, and online tutorials, you can improve your game and increase your edge at Blackjack in Bingo Plus Online Casino Philippines. If you're looking to improve your game, why not give card counting or strategy charts a try?